Hanaholmen’s cookbook

The world’s best restaurant book 2022! 

This is a book about restaurant PLATS. The recipes prepared by the restaurant’s Executive Chef Lukas Hemnell and his team emphasize the rich Nordic world of flavors and local, sustainably grown ingredients.

The book is also about people: a fisherman who catches the day’s catch from the waters surrounding the restaurant, a meat producer who works ecologically without compromising taste, and a chef who brews beer in his own garage.

The book is especially suitable for those who are interested in the new Nordic gastronomy. It offers modern interpretations of classic dishes that have always united Finland and Sweden.

Would there be bream mousse and sugar-salted pike on the table today? Or grilled collard greens with smoked cream cheese and boiled asparagus?

If you’re too tired to cook yourself right now, the book offers eye candy and inspiration for future gastronomic adventures.


The texts are written by journalist and foodie Nina Weckström. Nina worked for more than three decades as a journalist at Hufvudstadsbladet. She enjoys happy meals and immerses herself in cooking wholeheartedly.

Recipes and portions are prepared by Lukas Hemnell (b. 1976). Lukas is the Executive Chef of restaurant PLATS. He wants to bring out clean and unadorned flavors in both his work and home kitchens.

The food and the people in the book have been immortalized by photographer Robert Lindström.


The price of the cookbook is 34€. You can buy the book at the hotel reception or at the PLATS restaurant.

Delicious reading moments!