Covid19 and safety


We will do our best to make your visit as safe as possible in Hanaholmen!


Hanaholmen will ask all restaurant customers to present a Covid19 pass in connection to visiting Restaurant Plats and our wine bar.

We will ask you to present your passport at the entrance to the wine bar on the 1st floor and / or at the entrance to Restaurant Plats on the 2nd floor. We check the Covid19 passes of all persons aged 16 and higher with a reader approved by the Finnish national health authority THL. The app reads the QR code on your Covid 19 pass. Proof of identity may also be requested.

Please note that the Covid19 passes currently only apply to guests in Restaurant Plats and the wine bar, not other visitors at Hanaholmen.


  • We use face masks. We hope that you will be using one too, when visiting us.
  • Our customers have the opportunity to wash their hands frequently and use a disinfectant hand sanitizer.
  • Our customers are allowed to dine on tables disinfected just for them.
  • We follow a high-quality cleaning and hygiene routine, official guidelines and self-monitoring guidelines for the restaurant industry.

Please, make a table reservation in advance:



The exceptional time has been taken into account in our meeting arrangements e.g. as follows:

  • For the time being meeting coffees are not covered at the coffee buffet, but we bring catering to the meeting room. In the meeting room, your group’s meals will be set on a side table or, alternatively, you can order an individually packaged snacks for each participant (available on request; extra fee).
  • The lunch will be served in our spacious restaurant in buffet style; a three-course à la carte lunch will be also available on request (extra fee).
  • A disinfectant hand sanitizer can be found in each meeting room. In addition, hand sanitizer is available in our common areas, restaurant areas and toilets.
  • In addition, we follow a high-quality cleaning and hygiene routine, official guidelines and self-monitoring guidelines created for our industry.

At Hanaholmen, we have throughout the pandemic been careful to follow the authorities’ restrictions and recommendations regarding cleaning routines, distance keeping and other safety measures.

We wish you all a warm welcome to Hanaholmen!