Bergman 100

2018 marks the 100-year anniversary of the legendary Swedish filmmaker, theatre director and writer Ingmar Bergman’s birth. Hanaholmen acts as a mouth organ for the Ingmar Bergman Jubilee and co-operates with the Ingmar Bergman Foundation in Stockholm.

”The world’s largest jubilee of a single filmmaker” is celebrated with lectures, film evenings, and events in close co-operation with the National Audiovisual Institute and the Swedish Embassy in Helsinki (in Swedish).

Who was Ingmar Bergman? The Bergman Year in Finland was launched in Hanaholmen on January 15, 2018.

About the film director, man and writer Ingmar Bergman.
Jan Holmberg, CEO of the Ingmar Bergman Foundation, in Hanaholmen on January 15, 2018:

The Bergman of the Month (page in Swedish) is a series of discussion events on Bergman in the presence of Bergman specialists or people inspired by Bergman in their creative work. The discussion is followed by the screening of the Nordic Film of the Month (Månadens nordiska film).

The Bergman 100-year Jubilee is also part of Nordic Nights (October 6–7, 2018) (Nordiska Nätter).

Bergman’s films are screened at the Orion cinema in Helsinki. (This link is in Finnish.)

For more on Ingmar Bergman as a writer (in Swedish).

Would you like to pay homage to Bergman?

Bergman has inspired and keeps inspiring directors, filmmakers, writers, and actors around the world. The events range from film screenings and theatre productions to Bergman seminars. We welcome institutions and private persons to take part in this year’s Bergman Jubilee.

If you would like to work on Bergman, to arrange an evening of discussions or to set up a play or a seminar and need help with the practical arrangements – do get in touch with us. Anybody can contribute!

Please note that the Ingmar Bergman Archives are not open to the public. Researches may apply for access.

Welcome to celebrate Bergman 100 with us!

Hanaholmen launched Bergman 100 on January 15, 2018.