Arctic Lead

Arctic Lead is designed for young leaders and professionals from Norway and Finland. It provides the participants with a unique learning community that will strengthen their intersectoral and bilateral networks whilst simultaneously creating an excellent opportunity for personal growth and development of their leadership skills.


The participants in Arctic Lead are young leaders and professionals from Norway and Finland, who have already assumed a leadership position or are highly likely to do so in the future. Ten participants from each country are accepted into the program. The participants come from different sectors in society, with different educational, political and professional background – we believe that diversity creates excellence.

Participants are expected to demonstrate a high level of commitment to the program and to acknowledge the value of bilateral and intersectoral cooperation. The participants are also expected to actively participate in all the meetings and contribute to the assigned tasks that are part of the program.


Arctic Lead stretches over one year, and includes two modules, each held over two days. The location of the modules moves between Norwegian and Finnish venues. The program offers the participants an open forum for discussion with prominent speakers and with each other. The program is politically and religiously independent.

Our mission is to:

  1. Create personal ties between leaders in Norway and Finland
  2. Provide a forum where important future challenges facing both countries can be discussed.
  3. Offer the participants an opportunity for personal growth and to develop their leadership

Project management

Arctic Lead is run by Hanaholmen – the Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre and supported by The Finnish-Norwegian Cultural Foundation. To support the program a steering committee has been appointed. Members of the steering committee 2019-2020 are as follows:

  • Dag Stangnes, Ambassador, Royal Norwegian Embassy, Helsinki
  • Mikael Antell, Ambassador, Embassy of Finland, Oslo
  • Pauliina Gauffi, Director, The Finnish-Norwegian Cultural Institute
  • Tove Kaiku, Director HR, Cognizant
  • Morten Jentoft, Journalist, NRK (Expert)
  • Gunvor Kronman, CEO, Hanaholmen/ The Finnish-Norwegian Cultural Foundation
  • Satumari Hagelberg, Administrative Director, Hanaholmen/ The Finnish-Norwegian Cultural Foundation
  • Johanna Hannus, Project Manager, Hanaholmen

We would love to hear from you

Please contact us if you are interested in cooperation or if you, or somebody you know would be a perfect candidate for next year’s program.