Art Collection

Visual arts have been part of Hanaholmen’s activities from the beginning.

The Swedish state’s gift in 1967 guaranteed the artistic ornamentation, and art exhibitions and art seminars have since been a regular occurrence at Hanaholmen.

The collection consists of a few major ordered works, a number of significant paintings and sculptures, a large amount of graphic works and some photographic works of art. The collection also includes donations as well as a medal collection that mostly has been added since 1975.

Some of the represented artists were young debutants when Hanaholmen was built, while others belonged to a more mature generation. Heikki Häiväoja’s relief Interaction in the entrance hall and Kauko Räsänen’s Double Doors in Bronze are representative and bold proof sculpture art of their time. Häiväoja’s relief was added through a competition while Räsänen’s doors were ordered directly from the artist. Marjatta Weckström’s bronze relief Seasons at the entrance to the restaurant on the second floor is also worth mentioning.

In 1973, the Hanaholmen Executive Board commissioned a working group to organise a competition for the relief in the auditorium and to make proposals for the placement of works of art in other parts of the house. Art purchases were to be made in Finland as well as Sweden.

For some public spaces, larger paintings were acquired. Among these are Stig Fredriksson’s painting Sun Play (1967) in the lower auditorium, a colourful eyecatcher on arrival. Marika Mäkelä’s oil painting Colourful Bird (1974) is one of the artist’s early breakthrough works. Philip von Schantz’s surreal painting Deep in the forest (1973) has always attracted interest and admiration among visitors.