Proof of efficient environmental work

Hanaholmen has been granted the EcoCompass certificate, which demonstrates a commitment to environmental work and the goal of constantly reducing environmental impacts. The requirements of the EcoCompass certificate cover aspects such as energy and water consumption, waste management, sustainable procurement and the use of chemicals.

Hanaholmen pays attention to the environmental impact of our choices, from the big picture to the most minute details.

Our responsible environmental policy is reflected in, for example, the following choices:

  • we have switched from oil heating to district heating, which is produced with 100 % renewable fuels or waste heat
  • a solar power plant, which during the summer months produces up to 15 % of the electricity needed
  • the world’s most sustainable company in the trade industry, Kesko (The Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations’ list), is one of our largest suppliers
  • our cleaning products from a Finnish supplier (Kiilto) have the Nordic Swan Ecolabel
  • our food concept utilises organic products (e.g. all our flour and eggs, organic lamb) as well as Finnish mushrooms and berries, and involves cooperation with local producers (e.g. certified organic Bosgård meat from natural pastures)
  • our own fisherman who brings fresh fish to the restaurant from the surrounding waters

In addition,

  • we use a Finnish service provider for washing our hotel and restaurant textiles
  • we have significantly reduced the amount of wastepaper by changing our printing and archiving methods and utilising electronic systems
  • we use pecu switches for our outdoor lighting and have increased the use of motion detectors in our indoor lighting
  • all our outdoor lights and most of our indoor lights are LEDs (for example, 95% at restaurant PLATS)

With EcoCompass, we are also committed to developing and improving our environmental work. Our future development projects include further reducing the amount of wasted food.