Felipe de Ávila Franco: Insolit Solids

Hanaholmen, Espoo

8.2 - 24.3.2019

The Gallery is open every day from 10 am to 8 pm, free entry.

The artist Felipe de Ávila Franco approaches sculpture as a practice that can materialize temporalities and dimensions, reflecting on the encounter between the notions of the human and the non-human, and the geophysics of the planet.

His work invites to a reflection concerning the intrinsic relation between the industrial scale processes and the environmental dystopia that has become the relationship of human society within itself and with the environment.

This exhibition comprises pieces made over varied mediums and investigates the industrial materialities that perpetuate the technological machinery as a gigantic extension of ourselves; expanding through space and whose effect can last in time, exceed life, generations, and even the human species itself.

Felipe de Ávila Franco is a Brazilian-born artist based in Finland since 2013. The exhibition is part of a collaboration between Hanaholmen and Globe Art Point aiming at highlighting new names in the contemporary art fields in Finland and Sweden.

Contact: Programme Coordinator Aino Kostiainen, aino.kostiainen(at)hanaholmen.fi

Picture: Felipe de Ávila Franco: Plagues, 2017.