Almedalen: Svensk premiär av Radical Creatives

Länsteatern, Visby.

25.6.2024 11:30 - 13:00

The 1-hour documentary Radical Creatives explores the underutilized power of radical creativity. It’s a story of overcoming self-doubt by using a collective creative force.

The artistically and visually unique film showcases change-makers from diverse backgrounds at a Finnish university who courageously drive towards the new and unknown.
The film weaves a compelling narrative that captivates the world of Finnish oddity at Aalto University and beyond, where tradition meets rebellion. Creativity is courage and action; it belongs to everyone and lives in all of us.
The one hour film is followed by a 30-minute panel discussion on the importance of radical creativity and how it can be enabled by cross-sector and multidisciplinary work. The topic is discussed by Tuomas Auvinen, Dean of the School of Arts, Design and Architecture at Aalto University, Maria Sandell, Head of Sustainability at JM Ab and Fredrik Lindgren, CEO at the Royal Swedish Opera and previously Vice President for Communications at Investor AB. The panel is moderated by Ella Turta from Hanaholmen.
Follow the discussion online at 12.30 pm: 
The event starts at 11.30 local time and is arranged in conjunction with the Aalto University and Kultur i Almedalen.