Parliamentary elections in a Danish way

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Picture/Hansen: Michael Damm. Picture/Oksanen: Jussi Puikkonen. Picture/Gestrin: Cata Portin/Konstsamfundet.

Webinar: Parliamentary elections in a Danish way – Denmark’s politics in view of Finland’s parliamentary election next spring

In the election held in Denmark in November, parties and voters alike flocked to the centre, with a record number of voters choosing not to give their vote to the same party as before. Two parties, founded only months ago, got a total of 17.4 per cent of votes.

What other new developments did occur during the elections? How was the campaigning? The elections were held during a time of crisis – there’s a war in Europe and the economy is heading towards a recession. How have these precarious times influenced Danish politics?

Denmark has usually been the first Nordic country to see new political trends and phenomena. For example, the Sweden Democrats’ rise to a powerful position in Sweden is almost identical to the course of events 20 years ago in Denmark.

What can we learn from Denmark when preparing for Finland’s parliamentary election next spring? How must politics change to facilitate solving the climate crisis and the crisis in health care, and to alleviate the economic downturn? Will the 12-party Parliament in Denmark be able to engage in broad-based cooperation across the blocs?

Professor Kasper M. Hansen, Ph.D., University of Copenhagen, Department of Political Science and journalist Annukka Oksanen, who lives in Copenhagen and has been following Nordic and Danish politics for a long time, discuss the latest moves in Danish politics. The discussion is hosted by Mary Gestrin, Board member of the Finnish-Danish Cultural Foundation, Director of Communications of Föreningen Konstsamfundet, who has also lived in Denmark for years.

Organizers: The Finnish-Danish Cultural Foundation and Hanaholmen – the Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre.

Date: Monday 12.12.2022 10.30 – 11.30 (Finnish time), 09.30-10.30 (Danish time)

Language: English

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