Restaurant PLATS


We will do our best to make your restaurant experience enjoyable.
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PLATS is a welcoming place for everyone.

For us it is also a place where Nordic art and Design meet world class gastronomy. PLATS is not only a restaurant; it is a place where you can enjoy delicious Nordic cuisine while adoring the coastal archipelago.

We offer holistic experiences that consist of quality, creativity and innovation. You can enjoy the creations of our high-quality kitchen while mesmerized by our unique art and classically beautiful interior.

Nature is close to us. Its diversity, creativity and at the same time simplicity inspire us to practice first-class gastronomy.

We serve our visitors only the best of the seasonal raw materials – together and separately. That’s how we can provide our customers with innovative and clean taste experiences -respecting the soil, water, vegetation and fauna.

The Hanaholmen Cultural Centre as an environment emphasizes our values, where purity, tradition, sustainable production and ethical values meet.

The Hanaholmen Cultural Centre offers its visitors experiences of an impressive spectrum in a picturesque archipelago landscape. In the restaurant PLATS you will enjoy your stay on the spacious and sunny summer terrace or inside the large atmospheric hall illuminated by windows.