The Finnish-Norwegian Cultural Foundation


The aim of the Finnish-Norwegian Foundation is to promote relations and cultural exchange between Finland and Norway and to increase the countries’ mutual awareness and knowledge.

The Foundation provides grants to support projects in different spheres of society and cultural life. Grants are awarded to individuals, organisations and associations. Grants are awarded, for instance, for co-operation in the fields of art and culture, scientific research (especially humanities and social sciences), study trips by student and pupil groups, and for learning more about either country’s cultural, social and economic conditions.

The Finnish-Norwegian Cultural Foundation was founded in 1979. The Foundation’s capital is EUR 6,6 million in Finland (2022) and approximately NOK 7,5 million in Norway (2022).

The Board of the Foundation consists of six members (three from each country), with personal deputies for each of them. The Finnish members of the Board are appointed by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture. The Foundation’s Finnish delegates for the term 2024-2026 are Ministerial Adviser Eero Hokkanen as Chairman, and President, Chief Executive Officer Teemu Kokko and MA Tove Ekman as members. Deputy members are Business Consultant Torfinn Slåen, Manager Tiia Strandén and Professor Tuomas Forsberg.

The Foundation’s Norwegian delegation (2024-2026) consists of Secretary-general Espen Stedje as Chairman and Sales Manager Päivi Tervonen and General Manager Petter U. Morken as members. Deputy members are Manager Ulla-Stina Wiland, Civil Architect Ola Kibsgaard-Petersen and Manager Christina Hætta.

The Foundation also steers the Finnish-Norwegian Cultural Institute in Oslo. The Foundation appoints the Institute’s Board and supports its activities by granting funds for the Institute’s projects.

For what purpose can I apply for a grant?

The Foundation prioritises projects that aim to:

  • promote the cultural exchange between the two countries and develop the cultural life in those;
  • increase interest in the Finnish language in Norway and in the Norwegian language in Finland;
  • increase people’s awareness of the common history and that of the social development in the countries;
  • deal with future challenges and possibilities related to the industry, social development and cultural life of the two countries.

For what kind of projects can I apply for a grant?

The Foundation prioritises projects that:

  • develop further the current collaboration and are seeking new areas/networks/target groups for bilateral exchange in the future;
  • are carried out in those Finnish/Norwegian regions where the awareness of the countries or relations between the countries are quite low;
  • create something that is new and that has not been carried out before, offer a new perspective and introduce new information and the latest scientific developments from Finland/Norway and from Finnish-Norwegian relations;
  • have the opportunity to continue and develop;
  • increase interest in Finland in Norwegian public debate, and vice versa.

What grants are not awarded for?

Projects must have a clear bilateral goal. If this goal is not clear from the application, the application will be rejected. Grants are not awarded for projects that have been started or completed before a decision is made by the Foundation. As a main rule, grants are not awarded for the following purposes:

  • technical equipment, material expenses, repair work, construction, monuments or similar;
  • administrative expenses or salaries which are not directly related to the execution of the project;
  • secondary, higher education or other studies covered by a general study grant;
  • exchange studies, internship or student exchange;
  • sports events.

Application guidelines

Please download the application guidelines. (only in Finnish)

Please see also previously awarded grants under “Awarded Grants”.

Payment of grants

The grantee submits an electronic requisition form via the application system. The grant is to be used within the time period stated in the Board’s decision and a possible extension or an amendment in usage must be applied for in writing.

Apply for a grant here.