About Globsol

Globsol is a bilateral educational programme for students in upper secondary schools in Sweden and Finland. The aim of Globsol is to strengthen the bilateral cooperation between Sweden and Finland by:

  • Acting as a meeting place where young people get the opportunity to come together and learn about different current topics
  • Contributing to their understanding of what the cooperation between our countries looks like today and how it can evolve in order to face future local and global challenges
  • Giving the participants the opportunity to learn more about the other country’s culture, history, and society, and get to know people from the neighboring country

The participants take part in an interactive educational programme. Through a variety of hands-on exercises, they get to improve their cooperation skills and other competencies seen as necessary tools for continued societal engagement. Since the programme is mainly held in English, the participants are also able to practice their language skills.

The programme

In 2023, Hanaholmen works with the schools Porkkalan lukio in Finland and Nyköpings Enskilda gymnasium in Sweden. Globsol’s content is planned in close cooperation with the participating schools to make sure that it complements and supports the curriculums of the social sciences. The programme consists of virtual meetings and lectures during the fall and culminates in an on-site two-day conference at Hanaholmen every November. The theme for the conference varies from year to year. In 2023, the theme is “Youth, peace, and security”.


Globsol was initiated by the Swedish-Finnish Cultural Foundation in 2005 and since then Hanaholmen has organized the programme together with different partner organizations concerning a variety of themes.

Since 2023, Globsol has targeted upper secondary schools in particular as a part of, or complement to, their classes in the social sciences.