Svenska nu network

The Svenska nu network is a prize-winning builder of bridges working for an inclusive, bilingual Finland. Svenska nu introduces Swedish into Finnish classrooms and conveys cultural impulses in Swedish from both Sweden and the Swedish-speaking Finland. The network aims to motivate and inspire Finnish-speaking youth to speak Swedish. Svenska nu works for a bilingual Finland and strives to improve the status of the Swedish language in Finnish-speaking schools.

Svenska nu is Hanaholmen – Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre’s largest project. Svenska nu functions as an interactive cross-sector network between schools, teachers, teacher education programmes, and authorities. Svenska nu comprises of a delegation that acts as a representative body, a steering group that oversees the strategic work, and a team of personnel based at Hanaholmen, responsible for the operative tasks. The network is financed by the Finnish and Swedish states as well as private funders.

Svenska nu  supports Swedish language education

Svenska nu supports Swedish language education in Finnish-speaking schools by offering free school visits, theatre and music performances, excursions, workshops, and more. In addition to school programs, Svenska nu also produces educational materials for Swedish language education, designed for students of all ages, which can be freely used for educational purposes. Moreover, Svenska nu organizes relevant training sessions and events for teachers nationwide.

What does Svenska nu  do?

  • Produces innovative programme formats with influences from Sweden and Swedish-speaking Finland.
  • Offers quality-assured workshops, lectures, and performances tailored for language education.
  • Allows Finnish-speaking students to encounter the Swedish language in authentic and positive situations.
  • Presents current artists with diverse linguistic backgrounds.
  • Fosters a sense of community and joy among Swedish teachers in collaboration with partners.
  • Produces complementary and relevant teaching materials for education.
  • Engages in advocacy and participates in the public debate on Swedish language education.

Read more about Svenska nu here (in Swedish).