Hanaholmen’s art

Visual arts have been part of Hanaholmen’s activities from the beginning.

The Swedish state’s gift in 1967 guaranteed the artistic ornamentation, and art exhibitions and art seminars have since been a regular occurrence at Hanaholmen.

The collection consists of a few major ordered works, a number of significant paintings and sculptures, a large amount of graphic works and some photographic works of art. The collection also includes donations as well as a medal collection that mostly has been added since 1975.

Below you can find a selection of artworks from our collection:

  1. Kauko Räsänen (1926-2015): Bronze doors, 1975 (SE)
  2. Stig Fredriksson (1929-2008): Sundance, 1967 (FI)
  3.  Siri Derkert (1888-1973): Mother and child, 1965 (SE)
  4. Hreinn Friðfinnsson (1943–): Contribution, 1995-2000 (IS)
  5. Susanne Gottberg (1964–) & Markus Kåhre (1969–): Art Corridor, 2017 (FI)


6. Heikki Häiväoja (1929–2019): Interaction, 1975 (FI)
7. Peter Dahl (1934–2019): Color lithographies (SE)
8. Åsa Wrange (1954–): Woman with suitcase, 2009 (SE)
9. Pirkko Nukari (1943–): Plover´s beach, 1983 (FI)
10. Marjatta Weckström (1932–2017): Seasons, 1975 (FI)
11. Philip von Schantz (1928–1998): Lost in the woods, 1973 (SE)
12. Marika Mäkelä (1947–): Birdy bird, 1974 (FI)


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