Research on foreign and security policy in the Nordic countries

Hanaholmen, Espoo

5.3.2019 11:00 - 13:30

A number of Nordic political scientists present their research on current issues in Nordic security and foreign policy in a public seminar.

These researchers have recently published a special issue in the journal Global Affairs. The special issue deals with variations on the concept of “Nordicness” in security and foreign policy of the Nordic countries. The introductory chapter of the special issue can be read here.

The seminar is moderated by Director Teija Tiilikainen from the Finnish Institute of International Affairs.

Draft programme (small changes possible)

11.00 AM Opening words Prof. Douglas Brommesson and repr. for Hanaholmen

11.15 AM Focus on Sweden and Denmark, presentation by Prof. Brommesson

11.45 AM Focus on Norway, presentation by Senior Research Fellow Nina Græger

12:00 AM Focus on Iceland, presentation by Prof. Baldur Thorhallsson

12:15 PM Focus on Finland, presentation by Prof. Tapio Raunio

12.30 PM An international perspective on Nordicness Prof. Adrian Hyde-Price

1:00 PM Comments by the seminar moderator, director Teija Tiilikainen and open floor for the public

1:25 PM Closing words

Seminar language: English. Comments and questions also in Swedish and Finnish.
The seminar is free of charge but requires registration.
Register to the seminar no later than February 26th 2019 via the link below.

More information: Project Manager Janne Wikström, janne.wikstrom(at)