List of Works

Each month, one of Hanaholmen’s many artworks is highlighted and presented in a separate place in the house.

This gives visitors the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the history of the artwork.

Below is a list of some of the works of art displayed in Hanaholmen’s public spaces:

You can download the complete list of the Hanaholmen artworks here

You can download the list of the Hanaholmen medal collection here


Peter Dahl (Sweden 1934–)

Restaurant Scene, 2003, colour lithograph, 49×60


Siri Derkert (Sverige 1888–1973)

Mother and Child, 1965, iron relief, 54×37



Stig Fredriksson (Finland 1929–2008)

Sun Play. 1967, oil, 121×304


Kaarina Kaikkonen (Finland 1952-)

Forwards, 2009, Red granite, aluminium, The State Art Deposit Collection


Elisabet Sagefors (Sweden 1954-)

Low ridge, 2009, Red granite, The State Art Deposit Collection


Marika Mäkelä (Finland 1947–)

Colourful Bird, 1974, oil 173×148


Arne Olsson (Sweden 1918–2003)

Tribute to the Sea and Ellen Alakanto, oil 140×180


Kauko Räsänen (Finland 1926–2015)

Bronze Doors, 1975, bronze, 200×100


Philip von Schantz (Sweden 1928–1998)

Deep in the forest, 1973, oil, 200×140


Marjatta Weckström (Finland 1932–)

Seasons, 1975, bronze 75×295


Gottberg, Susanne (Finland, 1964–) / Kåhre, Markus (Finland, 1969–)

The Corridor, mirror glass, 2017