Almedalsveckan: Competition or collaboration in higher education?

Mellangatan 7, Visby

26.6.2024 10:00 - 10:45

A discussion on the balance between collaboration and competition – and the concept of co-operative competition.

What are the barriers and opportunities for intensified collaboration between Sweden and Finland in higher education and research? How can we increase mobility between Sweden and Finland in these fields? How can we collaborate to have greater influence in European university alliances? How can we collaborate to obtain more European research funding for Sweden and Finland?
* Maimo Henriksson, Finland´s ambassador in Sweden
* Martin Nilsson Jacobi, Prinipal, Chalmers
* Ilkka Niemelä, Principal, Aalto-university (online)
* Nicola Clase, Ambassador of Sweden in Finland (online).
The seminar is arranged in conjunction with Aalto University
Photo: Malin Ericsson, Region Gotland.