Nordic Network Programme Det nya Norden – Uusi Pohjola

Hanaholmen, Espoo

12 - 15.5.2019

Welcome to the third Nordic Network Programme Det nya Norden – Uusi Pohjola in Helsinki/Espoo, Finland May 12th-15th 2019!

Are you interested in European identity, EU, politics, discussions related to values, democracy or populism in the Nordic countries? Have you been engaged with questions such as integration, education, global economy or politics in general? Would you like to share your experiences and your knowledge and learn from others? This is for you who would like to be involved in contributing with ideas and plans on how to work towards common goals in the Nordic countries and Europe.

The programme is for young and future professionals active in the public, private and third sector in the Nordic countries. The theme for this year’s programme is Europe, the EU in relation to the Nordic countries. If you are between 22 and 35 years old you might be the right person for our Networking Programme. Welcome to apply for a position in the programme!

The main goal with the networking programme is to deal with important issues related to the future of the Nordic countries. We want to develop future Nordic plans of action and contribute with concrete plans for future Nordic development. Another goal for the networking programme is also to increase the engagement of the younger generations in the Nordic community and to build lasting relationships over nation boarders. We are looking for persons who either through work, community and organizational engagement or studies have acquainted themselves with one or several themes of the programme. In international teams you will work towards concrete plans for development for the future of Europe, EU and shared future goals and challenges.

How are the participants chosen?
Participants are chosen based on their applications. The programme aims to gather a diverse group (age, gender, background, experience) and ca 4 participants are chosen from each Nordic country. The maximum number of participants in the Networking Programme is 18.  The deadline is April 2nd, but we will process the applications as they come. We will confirm the participants in the middle of April. Note that participation requires participation in all the days during the programme and active collaboration. Also Finnish participants are expected to sleep at Hotel Hanasaari during the programme. The programme funds travels from the other Nordic countries, meals and programme costs.

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