Exhibition: Chorus sinensis

Hanaholmen Gallery

16.3 - 1.9.2024

The gallery is open daily from 10 to 20, free entrance.

Chorus sinensis is an audiovisual choral work dedicated to cormorants (Phalacrocorax carbo sinensis). It was produced from 2019–2022 in the coastal areas of the Bothnian Sea where human and seabird territories overlap. Cormorants are also found in the sea areas surrounding Hanaholmen.  The work examines this bird, which arouses strong opinions in the society, through the means of art, and asks: Is the cormorant worth a song sung by humans?

The exhibition is arranged by Hanaholmen, in cooperation with the Swedish-Finnish Cultural Foundation. The exhibition has received support from the Finnish Heritage Agency. We would like to thank Pori Art Museum for the loan of artworks. Chorus sinensis is part of a Nordic project The Conference of the Birds. The project is supported by Nordic Culture Point, Nordic Culture Fund, Taike, Niilo Helander Foundation and Samu Huber Foundation. 

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Photo: Markku Saiha

More information: Programme Coordinator Aino Kostiainen, aino.kostiainen(at)hanaholmen.fi