Hanaforum: Promoting peace and security together – But how and with whom?

Hanasaari, Espoo

5.3.2019 14:00 - 16:30

A seminar on the goals of European members at the UN Security Council, and ways to better implement the council’s resolutions, especially resolution 2250.

The Security Council resolution on Youth, Peace and Security, resolution 2250, was one of the challenging new resolutions that took years to lobby for and its implementation is still just beginning. It needs further support from the internationally community and Security Council to become part of the normative implementation in each member state. Finland is currently planning, as the first country in the world, a national action plan on it.

Sweden is finishing its 2-year term as a non-permanent member of the Security Council, Belgium, Poland and Germany, among others, continue as non-permanent members.

This is a good moment to reflect on the current situation at the Security Council, and the ways peace and security can be best promoted during the next years. How can we promote joint resolutions and strengthen implementation of existing ones? What are Sweden’s lessons learned from these years? What are the priorities of the other European member states? How can we most effectively work together for common goals?

The event is open for all registered participants.


The program is preliminary, changes are still possible.

13.30 Coffee

14.00 Opening words: Gunvor Kronman, CEO Hanaholmen

14.10 Why and how to involve youth in promoting peace? UN Envoy on Youth (TBC) and Aya Chebbi (AU Envoy on Youth). How can we promote the Security Council resolution on Youth, Peace and Security (2250) together with member states? What are next steps in implementation?

14.30 What did Sweden learn during two years at the Security Council? Johan Sigroth, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Sweden

14.50 Panel discussion: What lies ahead?
A panel discussion on how European countries can best work to promote peace and security through the Security Council. How could we make sure the work of the Security Council will work in the best possible way in the current political climate? Is cooperation with EU countries the priority now, or could other groups, like the Nordic countries or other like-minded countries, form better alliances on certain issues? And how do we improve implementation of its decisions at the national level?

Mika Mickelsson, Desk Officer (UN Security Council), Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
Detlef Lingemann, Ambassador of Germany in Finland
Representative of the Embassy of Poland in Finland (TBC)
Representative of 2250 resolution network

16.15 Closing words: Tytti Tuppurainen, Chair of UNA Finland, MP

16.30 End of event

Organizers: UNA Finland, UNA Sweden and Hanaholmen – the Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre

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