Finland and Sweden in a Changing NATO

Hanasaari, Espoo

21.6.2023 13:00 - 16:00

Tervetuloa ajankohtaiseen seminaariin!

The decisions of Finland and Sweden to apply for NATO membership are among the more striking consequences of Russia’s full-scale war of aggression against Ukraine. In the run up to NATO’s Vilnius Summit, at which the two countries should participate for the first time as full members, this seminar will examine their potential contribution to Alliance tasks, and the impact of their accession on Nordic-Baltic security. It will also consider the key policy questions they will face as new members of an Alliance which is itself adjusting rapidly to a dramatically altered security environment.

Panel 1: A Changing NATO
At the Vilnius Summit in July, NATO heads of state and government will take key decisions related to NATO’s further adaptation to a security environment degraded by Russia’s full-scale war in Ukraine. This panel will explore Nordic-Baltic perspectives on key items related to the Summit agenda.
What more needs to be done to enhance deterrence on NATO’s northern and north-eastern flanks? Are new targets needed for Allies’ defence spending? What are the prospects for, and alternatives to, further NATO enlargement? What is the role of the EU, and how does it relate to NATO, in Nordic-Baltic security?

Sarah Tarry, Director of Defence Policy and Capabilities Directorate, Defence Policy and Planning Division, International Staff, NATO
Iro Särkkä, Postdoctoral fellow, Finnish Institute of International Affairs FIIA
Vitalijus Vaikšnoras, Maj Gen(ret), Jonas Žemaitis, General
Military Academy of Lithuania
Moderator: Kristi Raik, Deputy Director, ICDS

Panel 2: The New Allies
Finland and Sweden’s applications to join NATO have been widely welcomed. There is broad agreement that the accession of two militarily capable states will have a positive impact on Nordic-Baltic security, but the details of where and how they will contribute have yet to be decided.
How will Finnish and Swedish accession to NATO impact Baltic Sea security and northern European security? What will a strengthened Nordic profile mean for NATO? How will Finland and Sweden contribute militarily to NATO tasks? How should NATO be present in Finland and Sweden? What are the main challenges for Finland and Sweden in moving from policies of neutrality and non-alignment to collective defence?

Outi Nieminen, Senior Specialist, Ministry of Defence of Finland
Tommy Åkesson, Secretary General, Swedish Defence Commission
Tony Lawrence, Head of Defence policy & strategy, ICDS
Moderator: Sven Sakkov, Estonian Ambassador to Finland

Language: English. Comments and questions in English and Finnish.

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The seminar is arranged by Hanaholmen and International Centre for Defence and Security ICDS, in cooperation with the Swedish-Finnish Cultural Foundation.