Public Procurement – Challenges and Possibilities


16.2.2022 10:00 - 11:00

Launch event of SNS Economic Policy Council Report 2022

The SNS Economic Policy Council’s 2022 report examines the challenges associated with public procurement. Deliveries are central to socially important functions in, for example, healthcare and infrastructure, but problems with costs, quality, delays, and bureaucracy are repeatedly pointed out.

The report provides perspectives to customers and contractors, as well as politicians and other decision-makers – and emphasize what the public sector can learn from businesses. The authors also study why disputes are usually concentrated on the procurement procedure and not on the fulfillment of the contract.

You are welcome to join Finnish and Swedish academics, business leaders and government officials when they apply a bilateral approach to the public procurement challenges from an economic perspective.


10.00 Welcome, Gunvor Kronman, CEO, Hanaholmen and Nicola Clase, Ambassador, Embassy of Sweden in Helsinki

10.05 SNS Economic Policy Council Report is presented by: Sofia Lundberg, Chairman of SNS Economic Policy Council 2022, Dean of Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics at Umeå University (USBE)

10.25 Comments from an academic perspective: Janne Tukiainen, Professor of Economics, University of Turku, and Associate Research Professor, VATT Institute for Economic Research

10.35 Comments from a governmental perspective: Tarja Sinivuori-Boldt, Senior Financial Advisor at Ministry of Finance

10.45 Comments from a business perspective: Antti Raimovaara, Account Director, Mehiläinen Oy

10.55 Questions from the audience

11.00 End of program


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