Roundtable discussions on burning questions heading into elections

Hanasaari, Espoo

3 - 4.6.2022

Finnish Swedish roundtable discussions

Networking and knowledge sharing for young people engaged in politics in Sweden and Finland 

Sweden is currently preparing for the upcoming elections in September 2022 and the countdown for the Finnish parliamentary elections in April 2023 has already started. Questions on security and defence are high on the political agenda against the background of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and contacts between Sweden and Finland are closer than perhaps ever before. So how does the cooperation between Sweden and Finland stand in the new security environment and how are parties preparing for the upcoming elections in this rapidly changing political environment? What could we learn from our neighbours in terms of politics, policy and campaigning?

Hanaholmen invites politically active youth from Finland and Sweden to network and share perspectives about burning political topics against the background of the upcoming parliamentary elections. The programme includes facilitated dialogues with topics such as, campaigning, education and security policy and you will also get to propose themes and topics you find interesting to discuss bilaterally. The programme invites you to learn more about the political structure and politics of Finland and Sweden and includes key notes, interactive dialogues and networking.

Apply to attend in case you want to strengthen your bilateral network, exchange experiences and perspectives and discuss possibilities for future collaboration with your peers from Finland and Sweden.

Participation: The event will take place on June 3rd – 4th at Hanaholmen in Espoo, Finland. The event is free of charge and accommodation at Hanaholmen and travel expenses from Sweden or outside Helsinki Metropolitan Region will be covered. The application is open for young people between 18-30 engaged in politics on different levels from both countries. We review the applications as they come in so you can increase your chances to get admitted by submitting you application as soon as possible! Submit you application here.


Friday 3.6     

17.30-17:45   Welcome greeting and drink 

17.45-18.30   Introductory dialogue

Swedish Finnish cooperation in a rapidly changing political environment. Speakers Stefan Wallin & Gunvor Kronman

Stefan Wallin has had a long career in politics serving as Member of the Finnish Parliament 2007-2019 and has held several Minister posts such as the Minister of Defence 2011-2012. In 2019 he was appointed as the CEO of Miltton Networks.

Gunvor Kronman is the CEO of Hanaholmen and for more than 20 years, she has held key positions both nationally and internationally in the private, public, and non-profit sectors.

18.30-19.00   Guiding at Hanaholmen


Saturday 4.6

09.00-09.30   Introduction & Presentation round

09.30-10.30   Inspirational talk & Dialogue

Election campaigning and running as a young candidate. Speaker Henrik Wickström

Henrik serves as the chairman for the municipality of Inkoo and as the vice chair for the Swedish People’s Party of Finland. He was Finland’s youngest ever chairman of the municipal government when he was elected at the age of 22.

10.30–11.00  Thematic introduction – Education

Rising inequality and shrinking PISA performance – is the education policy at a crossroads? Speaker Annika Hirvonen

Annika is a member of the Swedish Parliament and the group leader for the Swedish Green Party. She’s also a member of the Nordic Council and a member of the board of the Swedish-Finnish Cultural Foundation.

11.00-12.00   Session 1 of roundtable discussions in groups

12.00-13.00   Lunch at Hanaholmens restaurant Plats

13.00-13.30   Thematic introduction – Security and defence policy

Changes in Finland’s and Sweden’s security and defence policy following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Speaker Ilmari Käihkö

Ilmari is an Associate Professor of War Studies at the Swedish Defence University. His research focuses on military theory and strategy, and he has appeared frequently in both Swedish and Finnish media commenting on the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

13.30-14.30   Session 2 of roundtable discussions in groups

14.30-15.00   Coffee & walk and talk with reflections

15.00-16.00   Conclusions and Wrap-up


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