Sweden, Finland and NATO’s changing strategic posture in the Nordic-Baltic region

Visby, Gotland



Sverige i världen

Torsdag 29.6 kl. 18.00 svensk tid

Sweden, Finland and NATO’s changing strategic posture in the Nordic-Baltic region

Less than two weeks before the Vilnius NATO summit on July 11-12, the Island of Gotland hosts Sweden’s largest political events. Situated in the middle of the Baltic Sea, Gotland is a small but crucial puzzle piece in a far larger geostrategic environment.

This panel will use Gotland as a starting point for discussion on how Sweden and Finland joining NATO changes the Alliance’s strategic posture in the Nordic-Baltic region and contributes to the Alliance’s collective defence. What is the strategic importance of Gotland in Sweden’s and NATO’s defence planning? How do Stockholm and Helsinki plan on contributing to NATO’s regional deterrent posture. What expectations do the Baltic States have from Sweden and Finland in contributing to their security?

Michael Claesson, Chief of Defence Staff, Swedish Armed Forces
Tony Lawrence, Research Fellow, International Centre for Defence and Security ICDS, Tallinn
Stefan Wallin, Former Minister of Defence, Member of the Swedish-Finnish Cultural Foundation
Joakim Salonen, Defence Attaché, Embassy of Finland in Stockholm

Moderator: Minou Sadeghpour,  Total Defence Senior Consultant, 4C Strategies and Swedish Defence Association board member

Ifall du inte kan resa till Almedalen, kan du följa med programmet här (kl. 19:00 finsk tid, kl. 18:00 svensk tid):

Arrangörer: Hanaholmen och Allmänna Försvarsföreningen

Programmet arrangeras i samverkan med Kulturfonden för Sverige och Finland.

Foto: Malin Ericsson, Region Gotland.