The Nordic contribution to EU-Africa partnership


30.11.2020 15:00 - 17:00

– A two-part discussion hosted by Hanaholmen Culture Center and The Nordic Africa Institute

The Nordic contribution to EU-Africa cooperation in times of threatened multilateralism

Venue: Digital

Dates and times:
: Monday 30 November 2020,15:00-17:00 Helsinki/GMT+2, (14:00-16:00 Stockholm/CET)

Ministerial dialogue: 18 March 2021

In March this year, the European Commission released its communication Towards a comprehensive Strategy with Africa. Under Ursula von der Leyen, the Commission prioritises partnerships for green transition, digital transformation, sustainable growth, peace and governance, and migration and mobility.

But the dynamics within the EU external relations, the rise of populist nationalism, and the assertiveness of Africa’s self-image with emergent powers seeking increased influence there, present a complex background for a new direction for EU-Africa cooperation.

So how can the Nordics contribute to a genuine conversation on equal terms between the Europeans and Africans, and how can European policies be informed by African perspectives, values and realities?

The Hanaholmen Culture Centre and the Nordic Africa Institute will host a two-part event to discuss the Nordic multi-level partnership with Africa, and identify areas and ways in which the Nordics can contribute to the future of EU-Africa relations.

The Roundtable, on 30 November, will bring together thought-leaders from Africa and the Nordics to examine the potential and value of a Nordic contribution to the EU-Africa relationship, and to explore ways to engage in honest conversation about how the Nordics and Africa can benefit from each other’s experience and support each other’s priorities.

The Ministerial dialogue, on 18 March 2021, will focus on Finland’s and Sweden’s priorities and strategies within the EU-Africa relationship, and how to make best use of a joint Nordic approach – especially when discussing central and overarching issues such as democratic governance and the continuous evolution of the social contract – as the new EU-Africa partnership is being built.

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